E S B 2016 All-Star Game

ScreenCast of E S B 19th annual All-Star Game 7-10-2016  ASG MVP 2016 = Joe Torre, Portland Pounce   line-ups w/ batting orders Available Pitchers  

E S B 2016 Reserve Draft

Draft begins at 10:00 AM Lunch and presentation by owners of the ESB Charity Committee will be from 12:30-1:30 The Second Annual Excel-lent Statistical Baseball Reserve Draft Presentation will begin a few minutes after 10:00 AM MST on March 1, 2016. The E S B owner’s will have previously submitted their Draft choice lists to the…

E S B Challenge League #1 – 2 x 2 “Babe Ruth” Challenge

COMING SOON!! E S B Challenge League #1 2 x 2 “Babe Ruth” Challenge * * An E S B Weekly Challenge * * Your chosen lineup of E S B players is statistically ranked compared to the other lineups in that particular E S B Challenge Level. Rank Based 2 x 2 Batters Pitchers Home Runs Wins Runs Batted…

Fancy Colors

Here’s a look a ahead at the likely color schemes the E S B teams will be using this year.

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