Q E S B?
A Excel-lent Statistical Baseball
Q Statistical?
A Very. Not only does the simulator use a lot of historical statistics it also generates volumes of statistics from the scheduled simulation games.
Q Scheduled simulation games?
A Uh-huh, 2916 of them. 36 teams divided into two conferences, three divisions per conference. 18 E S B games simulated per day.   April 2 to Sep 28.  All-Star break in July.
Q One pitcher for each team?
A [laughs] No 25 man active rosters, 2 player reserve rosters.   11 pitchers and 14 position players per team.
Q How many players is that?
A 396 active pitchers and 504 active batters
Q Active MLB players?
A No this real fantasy baseball. 900 of the best players of all-time.
Q There’s that many Hall Of Famers?
A Well all the best players do not necessarily end up in the Hall, nor do all those that have made it to the HOF had good enough stats for E S B
Q Not good enough??
A Yes. E S B keeps a player by player, yearly ranking of all American and National Association, American, Federal, National, and Players League’s individual player’s seasons.
Q So?
A Unless a pitcher has had four, or a batter has had five of the 1000 best seasons respectively, they are not considered for E S B.   Thus the Excel-lent part in E S B.
Q Considered?
A Yes. The league keeps track of retired stars, as their stats are already in the season rankings, and five years after hanging up their spikes they are eligible for the E S B Reserve Draft.
Q When is the ESB Draft?
A The E S B Reserve Draft is held each March 1st. Last year and this year, it’s called the E S B Reserve Draft Presentation.
Q Why presentation?
A The league’s #36 pick is “presented” first, and sequentially backwards, the #1 pick last.
Q There are not likely not any starters in this year’s draft then?
A Depends, would you start Vlad Guerrero or Mike Piazza or Billy Wagner or Mike Mussina?
Q They’re in this year’s draft?
A Available yes. Guess we’ll see who the E S B owners and GMs pick.
Q When can we pick players?
A Unless you accept an E S B challenge you can’t.
Q Why not??
A Because all of the team’s have been owned since 1998.   Though an E S B franchise can be sold, it is much more likely to be bequeathed or gifted to an owner.
Q Then why should we care about ESB’s fantasy of fantasy drafts
A For the E S B challenges – weekly, daily, and possibly in the future, monthly challenges – free and paid
Q Challenges?
A Yes. Daily and weekly 13 player line-ups of 4 pitchers and 9 position players.
Q All from one E S B team?
A Mix and match E S B teams all evening long. Make sure you have all eight positions covered. Ruth Cobb and Aaron if you like.
Q For free?
A Absolutely. There’s a limit of five free challenges per day per user.  Paid challenges are available also.
Q Where do we sign up and create a line-up?
A Everything, including, this year’s E S B players and player’s stats, last year’s E S B player stats, historical player stats +++ esblbaseball.com   

Q    Why a $20 minimum deposit?

A     The companies allowing quick access and confirmation of funds charges per deposit.

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