E S B Daily and Weekly Challenge Leagues and Rules

E S B Daily Challenge Leagues are offered with 7 different challenges on four ascending levels (referred to as Challenge Levels or Levels).

E S B Weekly Challenge Leagues are offered with 10 different challenges on four ascending levels.

E S B Daily Challenge Leagues and E S B Weekly Challenge Leagues, hereafter referred to as Challenges or a Challenge, use the same owner set-up to build a daily or a weekly Challenge line-up.

The same set of rules governs both E S B Daily and E S B Weekly Challenges, as well as the Challenge’s final outcome and winner(s):

E S B Challenge users (owners) will select their team of 9 position players and 4 staff pitchers.

The 9 chosen position players fill the position of catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, left field, center field, right field, and a utility spot.

Pitchers’ batting and fielding totals are used in each E S B Challenge when applicable.

The 13 players chosen are statistically compared to the other E S B Challenge teams’ players within that particular Challenge and Level

Statistics used for comparison are those accumulated in E S B 2016AAAAA league games.

The positions for players listed are not changeable, though many players are listed and available at multiple positions.

No player may be listed twice on a specific E S B Challenge 13 player line-up for a given Challenge and Level.

Only players currently on an E S B Active Roster can play on a Challenge line-up.  The small number of players who are listed as both batter and pitcher, are exempt to this rule.  These players can be placed on the same Challenge line-up once as a pitcher and once as a batter.

E S B Challenge owners can enter multiple, and identical, if desired, Challenge line-ups in any of free or multiple paid Challenge Levels.

E S B Challenge owners can enter the same E S B Challenge more than once, using the same line-up or, using a different line-up.

There is a limit of five (5) total Free E S B Daily Challenge lineups per user per day.

E S B Challenges can end in a tie.

All E S B Challenge line-up discrepancies or Challenge outcome disputes are settled by the E S B Commissioner and the E S B Offices.  The decision made is final.

2016AAAAA E S B franchise owners can not participate in any of the paid E S B Challenges.

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