Atlanta Afterburners


Talk about afterburners, Atlanta must have used all they had just to get through the 2015 E S B season. They ended up tied with three (3) other division teams: New Orleans, Tampa, and Charlotte, for second place in the South Eastern Division with a 0.494 win percentage (80-82). 

Yes, they needed a lot of luck to squeeze into the post-season. The ‘Buners made the playoffs based on their superior head-to-head record when compared to the three other second place South Eastern Division teams.

The Afterburners’ appearance in the playoffs was brief as a dying flame, only mananging one victory, and being drowned by the soon to be E S B champion Memphis choir.

The Atlanta Afterburners hold the #15 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Southern Conference 2016 Standings

Southern Conference 2015 Standings

ATL logoB

Atlanta Afterburners Roster

#PlayerTeamPositionBat OrdCur RotB/T
1Al HraboskyAtlanta Afterburnerspitcher-9R/R
2Albert BelleAtlanta Afterburnersleft field--R/R
3Bill_C SwiftAtlanta Afterburnerspitcher-7R/R
4Candy MaldonadoAtlanta Afterburnersleft field, right field--R/R
5Ed ReulbachAtlanta Afterburnerspitcher-3R/R
6Ewell BlackwellAtlanta Afterburnerspitcher-6R/R
7Frank McCormickAtlanta Afterburnersfirst base--R/R
8Fred LynnAtlanta Afterburnerscenter field--L/L
9Gene NelsonAtlanta Afterburnerspitcher-8R/R
10George DavisAtlanta Afterburnersthird base, shortstop--B/R
11George ScottAtlanta Afterburnersfirst base, third base--R/R
12George SislerAtlanta Afterburnersfirst base--L/L
13Hank ThompsonAtlanta Afterburnersthird base, left field--L/R
14J.R. RichardAtlanta Afterburnerspitcher-2R/R
15Jim KaatAtlanta Afterburnerspitcher-4R/R
16Lee MeadowsAtlanta Afterburnerspitcher-6L/R
17Max CareyAtlanta Afterburnerscenter field--B/R
18Paul MolitorAtlanta Afterburnersfirst base, second base, third base--R/R
19Ripper CollinsAtlanta Afterburnersfirst base, right field--B/L
20Sal MaglieAtlanta Afterburnerspitcher-6R/R
21Virgil TrucksAtlanta Afterburnerspitcher-5R/R
22Walker CooperAtlanta Afterburnerscatcher--R/R
23Walter JohnsonAtlanta Afterburnerspitcher-1R/R
24Walter MaranvilleAtlanta Afterburnerssecond base, shortstop--R/R
25William HoyAtlanta Afterburnerscenter field--L/R
26Willie WilsonAtlanta Afterburnerscenter field--B/R
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