Charlotte Schooners

Oh what might have been. The Charlotte skippers spent a lot of 2015 in second or third place. Injuries early on likely roughed up any forecast for smooth sailing. Even with a +39 run differential, the Scooners failed to make the E S B Play-Offs. They did match three other division teams for second place with an identical 80-82 , including New Orleans, Atlanta and Tampa. 

The Charlotte Schooners hold the #16 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Conference Standings 2016

Southern Conference Standings 2015


Charlotte Schooners

1Andre DawsonCharlotte Schoonerscenter field, right field
2Arthur WhitneyCharlotte Schoonersthird base
3Bill HandsCharlotte Schoonerspitcher
4Charles BenderCharlotte Schoonerspitcher
5Craig BiggioCharlotte Schoonerssecond base
6Dan PlesacCharlotte Schoonerspitcher
7Dazzy VanceCharlotte Schoonerspitcher
8Doug CorbettCharlotte Schoonerspitcher
9Duke SniderCharlotte Schoonersleft field
10Felipe AlouCharlotte Schoonersfirst base, left field
11Frank BakerCharlotte Schoonersthird base
12Gary MatthewsCharlotte Schoonersright field
13George McConnellCharlotte Schoonerspitcher
14George McQuinnCharlotte Schoonersfirst base
15Harold BainesCharlotte Schoonersleft field
16Hippo VaughnCharlotte Schoonerspitcher
17Jack TobinCharlotte Schoonersright field
18Jeff BagwellCharlotte Schoonersfirst base
19Joe BenzCharlotte Schoonerspitcher
20Lance ParrishCharlotte Schoonerscatcher
21Phil NiekroCharlotte Schoonerspitcher
22Ray ChapmanCharlotte Schoonersshortstop
23Rube WaddellCharlotte Schoonerspitcher
24Sammy SosaCharlotte Schoonersright field
25Stan WilliamsCharlotte Schoonerspitcher
26Steve SaxCharlotte Schoonerssecond base
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