Cincinnati Undertow


Cincinnati started out in rough waters in 2015. By the beginning of May, the U’tow had been in last place in the South Central Division by as many as 8 games, and owned last place nearly everyday of April 2015. 

Come the end of May, Cincinnati was atop – numero uno – in the SoCen division. 

The end of September found the Cincy kids 3 games out of first and in the E S B Play-Offs, hog-tying the KC cowboys, 3-0, and impeaching Columbus by the margin of 4 decicisions to 2. 

The Undertow were no more successful than the rest of the league against the Notes of Blues, sinking 4 and only buoying 1 of the Southern Conference Final games.

The Cincinnati Undertow hold the #24 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Southern Conference Standings 2016

Southern Conference Standings 2015

Cincinnati Undertow Roster

1Art HouttemanCincinnati Undertowpitcher
2Bill BradleyCincinnati Undertowthird base
3Bob PattersonCincinnati Undertowpitcher
4Bobby BolinCincinnati Undertowpitcher
5Davey LopesCincinnati Undertowsecond base
6Don SuttonCincinnati Undertowpitcher
7Ed WhitsonCincinnati Undertowpitcher
8Eddie RommelCincinnati Undertowpitcher
9Ellis BurksCincinnati Undertowleft field, center field
10Frank ViolaCincinnati Undertowpitcher
11Guy MortonCincinnati Undertowpitcher
12Hank SauerCincinnati Undertowleft field
13Hugh JenningsCincinnati Undertowshortstop
14Joe McGinnityCincinnati Undertowpitcher
15Johnny RomanoCincinnati Undertowcatcher
16Ken HarrelsonCincinnati Undertowfirst base, left field
17Lloyd MosebyCincinnati Undertowleft field, center field
18Mark McGwireCincinnati Undertowfirst base
19Michael HigginsCincinnati Undertowthird base
20Mike HennemanCincinnati Undertowpitcher
21Ray KremerCincinnati Undertowpitcher
22Rusty StaubCincinnati Undertowright field
23Sherwood MageeCincinnati Undertowfirst base, shortstop, left field, right field
24Spud ChandlerCincinnati Undertowpitcher
25Wally PostCincinnati Undertowright field
26Willie KeelerCincinnati Undertowleft field
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