Cleveland Barges

Cleveland started the 2015 season weak and only got stronger, finishing third in the rough and tumble North Central Division.

They ended 2015 at a torrid 8 and 2 pace, in their last ten tilts. Finishing 82 and 80 over all , edging the fourtth place Milwaukee crew by 2 games and holding onto E S B playoff hopes until the last week of the season.

The big ship pushers failed to make the E S B Play-Offs for 2015.

The Cleveland Barges currently hold the #21 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Northern Conference Standings 2016

Northern Conference Standings 2015

Cleveland Barges Roster

1Bob BaileyCleveland Bargesthird base, right field
2Bret SaberhagenCleveland Bargespitcher
3Carl YastrzemskiCleveland Bargesfirst base, left field, right field
4Charles ZimmerCleveland Bargescatcher, first base
5Dave StiebCleveland Bargespitcher
6David JusticeCleveland Bargesfirst base, left field, right field
7Don BaylorCleveland Bargesfirst base, left field, right field
8Ellis ValentineCleveland Bargesright field
9Hal ChaseCleveland Bargesfirst base, right field
10Jack QuinnCleveland Bargespitcher
11Jake StenzelCleveland Bargesleft field
12Jeff BurroughsCleveland Bargesleft field, right field
13Jeff ShawCleveland Bargespitcher
14Jesse BarnesCleveland Bargespitcher
15Jim GrantCleveland Bargespitcher
16Joe KelleyCleveland Bargescenter field
17Larry DoyleCleveland Bargessecond base
18Lave CrossCleveland Bargesthird base
19Max LanierCleveland Bargespitcher
20Preacher RoeCleveland Bargespitcher
21Ramon MartinezCleveland Bargespitcher
22Red MurrayCleveland Bargesright field
23Ted WilksCleveland Bargespitcher
24Tom MorganCleveland Bargespitcher
25Vern StephensCleveland Bargessecond base, shortstop
26Watty ClarkCleveland Bargespitcher
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