Columbus Statesmen

By the end of August and into september 2015, Statesmen constituents started thinking this was their year. To some degree, it was. After finishing the season 84-78, a measly 2 games from the first place Tracers, and frying the Sizzle 3-1 in the playoff’s opening round, the ‘Bus men were able to advance to the Conference semis. After falling to their in-state divisional adversary the Undertow from Cincinnati 4-2.

The Columbus Statesmen hold the #25 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Southern Conference Standings 2016

Southern Conference Standings 2015

Columbus Statesmen Roster

1Andy AshbyColumbus Statesmenpitcher
2Benny KauffColumbus Statesmenleft field
3Billy WilliamsColumbus Statesmenleft field, center field
4Bob ElliottColumbus Statesmenthird base
5Bob LockerColumbus Statesmenpitcher
6Charlie JamiesonColumbus Statesmenleft field, center field
7Dave SmithColumbus Statesmenpitcher
8Del EnnisColumbus Statesmenleft field
9Fergie JenkinsColumbus Statesmenpitcher
10Frankie FrischColumbus Statesmensecond base, third base
11Gabby HartnettColumbus Statesmencatcher
12Jay BuhnerColumbus Statesmenright field
13Jim BagbyColumbus Statesmenpitcher
14Jimmy DykesColumbus Statesmenfirst base, third base, shortstop
15Joe AdcockColumbus Statesmenfirst base
16John SmileyColumbus Statesmenpitcher
17Ken HoltzmanColumbus Statesmenpitcher
18Larry AndersenColumbus Statesmenpitcher
19Rocky ColavitoColumbus Statesmenleft field, right field
20Ron CeyColumbus Statesmenthird base
21Sam WiseColumbus Statesmenfirst base, second base, third base, shortstop, left field
22Scott SandersonColumbus Statesmenpitcher
23Sherry SmithColumbus Statesmenpitcher
24Steve CarltonColumbus Statesmenpitcher
25Walt JudnichColumbus Statesmenfirst base, center field
26Willie HortonColumbus Statesmenleft field, right field
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