Denver Peaks

The Denver Peaks didn’t really peak in 2015 until September. They finished 84 – 78, good for third in the E S B North Western Division, 5 games back of leading Portland and two ahead of season-long nemesis, the fourth place bay Trolls from San Francisco. 

In the E S B Play-Offs, Denver very quickly bagged their Division rival the Pounce from Oregon three games to one. Their two games won in the Northern Conference Semi-Finals against Chicago were not enough to continue theiur season.

The Denver Peaks hold the #26 overall draft pick in the upcoming E S B Reserve Draft.


Northern Conference Standings 2016

Northern Conference Standings 2015

Denver Peaks Roster

1Alan TrammellDenver Peaksshortstop
2Ben OglivieDenver Peaksleft field, center field, right field
3Bob_L JohnsonDenver Peaksleft field
4Craig LeffertsDenver Peakspitcher
5Don GullettDenver Peakspitcher
6Edd RoushDenver Peaksleft field, center field
7Frank_E ThomasDenver Peaksfirst base
8Hal SchumacherDenver Peakspitcher
9Harry HooperDenver Peaksleft field, right field
10Heinie ZimmermanDenver Peaksfirst base, second base, third base
11Ivan CalderonDenver Peaksfirst base, right field
12Jerry ReussDenver Peakspitcher
13Jimmy PiersallDenver Peakscenter field
14Joe HoernerDenver Peakspitcher
15Joe JudgeDenver Peaksfirst base
16John HillerDenver Peakspitcher
17Juan MarichalDenver Peakspitcher
18Ken PhelpsDenver Peaksthird base
19Lon WarnekeDenver Peakspitcher
20Marty McManusDenver Peaksfirst base, second base, third base
21Mickey CochraneDenver Peakscatcher
22Noodles HahnDenver Peakspitcher
23Orval OverallDenver Peakspitcher
24Phil RizzutoDenver Peaksshortstop
25Sam CrawfordDenver Peaksright field
26Terry LeachDenver Peakspitcher
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