Houston Havoc

At 76 – 86 for 2015, the Havoc did not wreak all that much on the E S B Southern Conference for much of the season.  15 out of first in the South Western Division, though still six games from the bottom of the same.  The green machine’s fans were already talking ‘next year’ by the middle of September.

Southern Conference Standings 2016

Southern Conference Standings 2015

The Houston Havoc hold the #8 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Houston Havoc Roster

1Bing MillerHouston Havocleft field
2Bobby GrichHouston Havocsecond base
3Cecil FielderHouston Havocfirst base
4Clem LabineHouston Havocpitcher
5Cleon JonesHouston Havocright field
6Curt FloodHouston Havocleft field, center field
7Cy WilliamsHouston Havoccenter field
8Dick McAuliffeHouston Havocsecond base, shortstop
9Dwayne MurphyHouston Havoccenter field
10Fred FitzsimmonsHouston Havocpitcher
11George BradleyHouston Havocpitcher
12Glenn WrightHouston Havocshortstop
13Gregg JefferiesHouston Havocfirst base, second base, third base, right field
14Grover AlexanderHouston Havocpitcher
15Hank RobinsonHouston Havocpitcher
16Harry BreechenHouston Havocpitcher
17Jason ThompsonHouston Havocfirst base
18Jim PagliaroniHouston Havoccatcher
19Jim PalmerHouston Havocpitcher
20Joe PriceHouston Havocpitcher
21Marty PattinHouston Havocpitcher
22Pete HarnischHouston Havocpitcher
23Ron SantoHouston Havocthird base
24Steve HoweHouston Havocpitcher
25Stu MillerHouston Havocpitcher
26Ted WilliamsHouston Havocright field
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