Indianapolis Tracers

Indianapolis was in first place South Central Division for about three days in 2015. Since one of the three days was October 1st, 2015, they were awarded the South Central Division title. The will-o-wisps evaded the energy of the Dynamo in the quarter-finals, 3 contests to 1. The Tracers then ran into a 4-1 semi-final wall of sound called Memphis (eventually the E S B’s big kahuna), leaving the playoffs without a trace.

The Indianapolis Tracers hold the #27 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Southern Conference Standings 2016

Southern Conference Standings 2015


Indianapolis Tarsiers Roster

1Alex FernandezIndianapolis Tracerspitcher
2Bill DoakIndianapolis Tracerspitcher
3Billy O’DellIndianapolis Tracerspitcher
4Bobby DoerrIndianapolis Tracerssecond base
5Bud BlackIndianapolis Tracerspitcher
6Camilo PascualIndianapolis Tracerspitcher
7Dick HallIndianapolis Tracerspitcher
8Ed WalshIndianapolis Tracerspitcher
9Frank HowardIndianapolis Tracersfirst base, right field
10Frank LaPorteIndianapolis Tracerssecond base, third base, left field
11George FosterIndianapolis Tracersleft field
12Ival GoodmanIndianapolis Tracersright field
13Mario SotoIndianapolis Tracerspitcher
14Rick AguileraIndianapolis Tracerspitcher
15Sherm LollarIndianapolis Tracerscatcher
16Tex HughsonIndianapolis Tracerspitcher
17Vic RaschiIndianapolis Tracerspitcher
18Zeke BonuraIndianapolis Tracersfirst base
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