Kansas City Ropers

Kansas City Ropers held first or second place for most of the 2015 in the South Western Division.  After a shootout with the Sizzle of Antonio and a second best record in the Southern Conference record of 91-71, the cowboys from KC wrangled the SoWest Division title back to Missouri.

The chapped ones were held down in a stranglehold in the opening round, Conference quarter-final by the Cincinnati Undertow 3 – 0.

The Kansas City Ropers hold the #34 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Southern Conference Standings 2016

Southern Conference Standings 2015

The cowboys are holding 1st as of 5-05,  “yee ha”

Kansas City Ropers Roster

1Art NehfKansas City Roperspitcher
2Cecilio GuanteKansas City Roperspitcher
3Denny McLainKansas City Roperspitcher
4Dolf LuqueKansas City Roperspitcher
5Frank LaryKansas City Roperspitcher
6Gary NolanKansas City Roperspitcher
7Gene GarberKansas City Roperspitcher
8Javier VazquezKansas City Roperspitcher
9Jim RookerKansas City Roperspitcher
10Mordecai BrownKansas City Roperspitcher
11Rick RhodenKansas City Roperspitcher
12Tom BurgmeierKansas City Roperspitcher
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