Memphis Blue Notes

Leading up to the playoffs, Memphis had to sink their South Eastern rival the Charlotte Schooners, grapple with the Tampa Sun Gators, and even then still, contend with a small, yet threatening burn down in Atlanta. The Notes wound up 2015 with the Southern Conference’s best record at 92-70 and the best  South Eastern Division record.

The Memphis Blue Notes, E S B Champions for 2015, made it look kind of easy once they were in the playoffs. Before taking a 10 and 3 playoff record into the championship series with Seattle, the Blue songs burned Atlanta, 3-1, the minstrels left Indianapolis without a trace of sympathy, 4-1, and they held the Undertow completely under 4-1 for the E S B Southern Conference Championship title. 

Memphis needed all seven games to secure the 2015 E S B Championship against the Seattle squad, including a 13 inning, walk-off affair at home in game 5.  The Notes were actually down 4 – 2 in the top of ninth inning before a sealed victory was theirs.

The Memphis Blue Notes hold the #35 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Southern Conference Standings 2016

Southern Conference Standings 2015

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Memphis Blue Notes Roster

1Bob GibsonMemphis Blue Notespitcher
2Bobby MurcerMemphis Blue Notesleft field, center field, right field
3Darryl StrawberryMemphis Blue Notesright field
4Fred HutchinsonMemphis Blue Notespitcher
5Gary GaettiMemphis Blue Notesthird base
6Ginger BeaumontMemphis Blue Notesleft field
7Hank BauerMemphis Blue Notesright field
8Honus WagnerMemphis Blue Notesshortstop, left field
9Jeffrey LeonardMemphis Blue Notesfirst base, right field
10Mark LangstonMemphis Blue Notespitcher
11Nate ColbertMemphis Blue Notesfirst base
12Orlando CepedaMemphis Blue Notesfirst base, right field
13Paul WanerMemphis Blue Notesfirst base, left field
14Ryne SandbergMemphis Blue Notessecond base
15Sal BandoMemphis Blue Notesthird base
16Scott GarreltsMemphis Blue Notespitcher
17Ted SimmonsMemphis Blue Notescatcher
18Tony CuccinelloMemphis Blue Notessecond base, third base
19Vada PinsonMemphis Blue Notescenter field
20Whitey FordMemphis Blue Notespitcher
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