Milwaukee Pride


The owner of the Muggers has re-named her E S B base ball franchise the Milwaukee Pride.

Milwaukee’s E S B team is controlled by one of the three female owners in the league.

The Milwaukee Pride currently hold the #19 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Northern Conference Standings 2016

Northern Conference Standings 2015


Milwaukee Pride Roster

1Bill WerberMilwaukee Pridethird base, shortstop, left field
2Bobby WallaceMilwaukee Pridethird base, shortstop
3Danny TartabullMilwaukee Prideright field
4Dolph CamilliMilwaukee Pridefirst base
5Eddie MathewsMilwaukee Pridethird base
6Ernie LombardiMilwaukee Pridecatcher
7George WoodMilwaukee Prideleft field
8Hal McRaeMilwaukee Prideright field
9Harry HeilmannMilwaukee Prideleft field, center field, right field
10Jake BeckleyMilwaukee Pridefirst base
11Minnie MinosoMilwaukee Pridethird base, left field
12Oscar GambleMilwaukee Prideright field
13Richie ZiskMilwaukee Prideright field
14Tommy HarperMilwaukee Pridesecond base, third base, left field, right field
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