Minneapolis Northerns

Northern fans witnessed the bottom fall out on a juggernaut in Minneapolis for 2015. First place was theirs by a noticeable margin to lose in the North Central Division as late as May 15th. And they did. Third place fell too. By early June they slid to fourth. The basement of the Division was soon in sight. Needless to say, the Minneapolis Northern did not make the 2015 E S B Play-Offs.

The Minneapolis Northern currently hold the #36 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Northern Conference Standings 2016

Northern Conference Standings 2015

Minneapolis Northerns Roster

1Al RosenMinneapolis Northernsfirst base, third base
2Barry LarkinMinneapolis Northernsshortstop
3Bob WelchMinneapolis Northernspitcher
4Carl FurilloMinneapolis Northernsright field
5Carlos MayMinneapolis Northernsfirst base, right field
6Dave WinfieldMinneapolis Northernsright field
7Fred ToneyMinneapolis Northernspitcher
8Hank GreenbergMinneapolis Northernsfirst base
9Irish MeuselMinneapolis Northernsleft field, right field
10Jeff ReardonMinneapolis Northernspitcher
11Jesse BurkettMinneapolis Northernsleft field, center field
12Joe MedwickMinneapolis Northernsleft field
13Joe MorganMinneapolis Northernssecond base
14Joe RudiMinneapolis Northernsfirst base, right field
15Juan PizarroMinneapolis Northernspitcher
16Norm CashMinneapolis Northernsfirst base
17Sam ChapmanMinneapolis Northernsleft field, center field
18Wally SchangMinneapolis Northernscatcher, left field
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