Montreal Maniacs

With a crazy August and September to remember, Montreal staved off pennant elimination until well into the second week of September. Only then, falling quickly to 79-83 and the 4th spot in the North Central Division race. Montreal did not make any maniacal appearance in the 2015 E S B Play-Offs.

The Montreal Maniacs currently hold the #28 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Northern Conference Standings 2016

Northern Conference Standings 2015


Montreal Maniacs Roster

1Bill MadlockMontreal Maniacssecond base, third base
2Bill MeltonMontreal Maniacsthird base, right field
3Bill_V SwiftMontreal Maniacspitcher
4Billy HamiltonMontreal Maniacsleft field, center field, right field
5Brett ButlerMontreal Maniacscenter field
6Dennis MartinezMontreal Maniacspitcher
7Dock EllisMontreal Maniacspitcher
8Don RobinsonMontreal Maniacspitcher
9Ed HalickiMontreal Maniacspitcher
10Eddie MurrayMontreal Maniacsfirst base
11Fred SnodgrassMontreal Maniacsfirst base, left field
12Freddy LeachMontreal Maniacsfirst base, left field, center field, right field
13Harvey HaddixMontreal Maniacspitcher
14Joe SewellMontreal Maniacsshortstop
15Lefty O’DoulMontreal Maniacsleft field
16Lonnie SmithMontreal Maniacsright field
17Mike JacksonMontreal Maniacspitcher
18Nellie FoxMontreal Maniacssecond base
19Reggie SmithMontreal Maniacsright field
20Rick HoneycuttMontreal Maniacspitcher
21Sandy KoufaxMontreal Maniacspitcher
22Steve MingoriMontreal Maniacspitcher
23Teddy HigueraMontreal Maniacspitcher
24Todd HundleyMontreal Maniacscatcher, first base
25Willie McGeeMontreal Maniacsleft field, center field
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