Norfolk Captains

Cellar dwellers for much of the E S B season, Norfolk used a September push to end at 75-87 and fifth place in the North Central Division, 7 games ahead of last place Washington.

The Norfolk Captains currently hold the #6 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Northern Conference Standings 2016

Northern Conference Standings 2015

Norfolk Captains Roster

1Andres GalarragaNorfolk Captainsfirst base
2Babe Ruth (P)Norfolk Captainspitcher
3Ben CantwellNorfolk Captainspitcher
4Ben ChapmanNorfolk Captainsleft field
5Bill DickeyNorfolk Captainscatcher
6Bob PurkeyNorfolk Captainspitcher
7Brooks RobinsonNorfolk Captainsthird base
8Buck FreemanNorfolk Captainsfirst base, right field
9Carl WeilmanNorfolk Captainspitcher
10Dean ChanceNorfolk Captainspitcher
11Don MossiNorfolk Captainspitcher
12Ezra SuttonNorfolk Captainsthird base, shortstop, right field
13Hack WilsonNorfolk Captainsleft field, center field
14Jim HartNorfolk Captainsthird base
15Jimmy BarrettNorfolk Captainsleft field
16Joe CarterNorfolk Captainsfirst base, left field, right field
17Johnny CallisonNorfolk Captainsleft field, right field
18Jose RijoNorfolk Captainspitcher
19Larry JacksonNorfolk Captainspitcher
20Mike CuellarNorfolk Captainspitcher
21Miller HugginsNorfolk Captainssecond base
22Paul AssenmacherNorfolk Captainspitcher
23Roger ClemensNorfolk Captainspitcher
24Sam ThompsonNorfolk Captainsright field
25Sparky LyleNorfolk Captainspitcher
26Tony GwynnNorfolk Captainsleft field, center field, right field
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