Pittsburgh Steel

For the many fans of Steel, Pittsburgh’s 2015 season should have ended in early May.  If so, the rolled Steel would have made the E S B Play-Offs.

Instead, like a crane dropping a load of steel beams high above the street, they kept plummeting. The girders wound up – or down as it really was – in last, 11 games from the top notch, with a win-loss tally of 75 – 87.

The Pittsburgh Steel hold the #5 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Southern Conference Standings 2016

Southern Conference Standings 2015


Pittsburgh Steel Roster

1Al OliverPittsburgh Steelfirst base, left field, right field
2Alvin DarkPittsburgh Steelsecond base, shortstop
3Carl HubbellPittsburgh Steelpitcher
4Dan BrouthersPittsburgh Steelfirst base
5Dick BartellPittsburgh Steelsecond base, shortstop
6Duff CooleyPittsburgh Steelleft field, right field
7Frank_J ThomasPittsburgh Steelfirst base, third base, left field, center field
8George KellyPittsburgh Steelfirst base, second base
9George MogridgePittsburgh Steelpitcher
10George Van HaltrenPittsburgh Steelleft field
11George_H BurnsPittsburgh Steelfirst base
12Jay HowellPittsburgh Steelpitcher
13Jim PerryPittsburgh Steelpitcher
14Jose CruzPittsburgh Steelleft field
15LaMarr HoytPittsburgh Steelpitcher
16Lary SorensenPittsburgh Steelpitcher
17Lew BurdettePittsburgh Steelpitcher
18Max BishopPittsburgh Steelsecond base
19Rick LangfordPittsburgh Steelpitcher
20Riggs StephensonPittsburgh Steelleft field
21Rudy YorkPittsburgh Steelcatcher, first base, third base
22Storm DavisPittsburgh Steelpitcher
23Tim McCarverPittsburgh Steelcatcher
24Tom HallPittsburgh Steelpitcher
25Vern LawPittsburgh Steelpitcher
26Vida BluePittsburgh Steelpitcher
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