Portland Pounce

The Pounce did so early and often. Cruising to an E S B North Western Division title nearly from day one of the 2015 season. No burs caught in their fur during the season. Ultimately they took the Division by two games. That is until the first round of the E S B Play-offs. The cats made a quick exit by losing their opening series against the Denver Peaks 3 games to 1 despite having home-advantage.

The Portland Pounce currently hold the #32 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Northern Conference Standings 2016

Northern Conference Standings 2015


Portland Pounce Roster

1Al KalinePortland Pounceleft field, center field, right field
2Al OrthPortland Pouncepitcher
3Bobby AvilaPortland Pouncesecond base
4Charlie KellerPortland Pounceleft field
5Darrell EvansPortland Pouncefirst base, third base
6Dick RudolphPortland Pouncepitcher
7Dixie WalkerPortland Pounceleft field, right field
8Early WynnPortland Pouncepitcher
9Ed DelahantyPortland Pouncefirst base, left field, center field
10Frank TananaPortland Pouncepitcher
11Gary PetersPortland Pouncepitcher
12Graeme LloydPortland Pouncepitcher
13Greg VaughnPortland Pounceright field
14Herb PennockPortland Pouncepitcher
15Jeff HeathPortland Pounceleft field, right field
16Joe CroninPortland Pounceshortstop
17Joe TorrePortland Pouncecatcher, third base
18Matt WilliamsPortland Pouncethird base
19Matty AlouPortland Pouncefirst base, left field, right field
20Ned GarverPortland Pouncepitcher
21Red AmesPortland Pouncepitcher
22Rollie FingersPortland Pouncepitcher
23Ron TaylorPortland Pouncepitcher
24Wally MoonPortland Pouncefirst base, left field, right field
25Walt DropoPortland Pouncefirst base
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