San Antonio Sizzle

The sun was rather hot in San Antonio during the 2015 season. No more hot than the Sizzle themselves were though at 88 and 74.  ‘Antonio seared the Division and Conference early and often, only being bettered 3 games overall by KC in the Division.

S.A.’s sizzling was quickly extinguished during the first round of the E S B Play-Offs by Columbus 3 to 1 in 4 playoff games.

The San Antonio Sizzle hold the #30 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Southern Conference Standings 2016

Southern Conference Standings 2015

San Antonio Sizzle Roster

1Al CowensSan Antonio Sizzleright field
2Amos OtisSan Antonio Sizzlecenter field
3Barney McCoskySan Antonio Sizzlecenter field
4Billy GoodmanSan Antonio Sizzlefirst base, second base, third base, left field
5Bob NiemanSan Antonio Sizzleright field
6Craig SwanSan Antonio Sizzlepitcher
7Dennis LampSan Antonio Sizzlepitcher
8Frankie HayesSan Antonio Sizzlecatcher
9George KurowskiSan Antonio Sizzlethird base
10Harry DavisSan Antonio Sizzlefirst base, third base
11Jim BunningSan Antonio Sizzlepitcher
12Jim TurnerSan Antonio Sizzlepitcher
13Jocko MilliganSan Antonio Sizzlecatcher, first base
14Lu BlueSan Antonio Sizzlefirst base
15Mickey MantleSan Antonio Sizzleleft field
16Mike KrukowSan Antonio Sizzlepitcher
17Mo VaughnSan Antonio Sizzlefirst base
18Nap LajoieSan Antonio Sizzlefirst base, second base, shortstop
19Orel HershiserSan Antonio Sizzlepitcher
20Paul BlairSan Antonio Sizzleleft field, center field
21Paul DerringerSan Antonio Sizzlepitcher
22Red LucasSan Antonio Sizzlepitcher
23Reggie JacksonSan Antonio Sizzleright field
24Rich GossageSan Antonio Sizzlepitcher
25Ron ReedSan Antonio Sizzlepitcher
26Slim SalleeSan Antonio Sizzlepitcher
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