San Diego Crests

Though they tried mightily, their Navy Captain and wife owners could not right San Diego’s faulty, seaward course. Everytime it seemed the breakers were making some headway, the Crests would calm again, leaving them drifting in the South Western Division. 78 – 84, 13 games out of first.

A fourth place finish was the final result of a few opportune wins at season’s end by the raging sea.

The San Diego Crests hold the #10 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Southern Conference Standings 2016

Southern Conference Standings 2015

SD logo 4N

San Diego Crests Roster

1Bill CastroSan Diego Crestspitcher
2Carl MaysSan Diego Crestspitcher
3Cesar CedenoSan Diego Crestsleft field, center field
4Danny DarwinSan Diego Crestspitcher
5Donn ClendenonSan Diego Crestsfirst base
6Floyd BannisterSan Diego Crestspitcher
7Frank_A SmithSan Diego Crestspitcher
8George BrettSan Diego Crestsfirst base, third base
9Howard EhmkeSan Diego Crestspitcher
10Hoyt WilhelmSan Diego Crestspitcher
11Jim BottomleySan Diego Crestsfirst base
12Jim HardinSan Diego Crestspitcher
13Joe WoodSan Diego Crestspitcher
14Jose CansecoSan Diego Crestsleft field, right field
15Luis TiantSan Diego Crestspitcher
16Mike BoddickerSan Diego Crestspitcher
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