San Francisco Trolls

The Trolls of the Bay Bridge battled the Denver most of the 2015 season, settling for fourth in the E S B North Western Division, seven games off Portland’s division leading win tally and 13 ahead of L.A., the fifth place team.

The SF bridge minders were the last team (and the fourth one from The North Western division) to make it into the 2015 E S B Northern Conference Play-Offs in October. The San Francisco Trolls fell with barely a whimper to the Northern Conference regular season champion Chicago Mobsters, no wins, three losses.

The San Francisco Trolls hold the #23 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Northern Conference Standings 2016

Northern Conference Standings 2015

San Francisco Trolls Roster

1Bill HenrySan Francisco Trollspitcher
2Bryan HarveySan Francisco Trollspitcher
3Curt DavisSan Francisco Trollspitcher
4Cy YoungSan Francisco Trollspitcher
5Dave RozemaSan Francisco Trollspitcher
6Don WilsonSan Francisco Trollspitcher
7John DennySan Francisco Trollspitcher
8Reb RussellSan Francisco Trollspitcher
9Rudy MaySan Francisco Trollspitcher
10Tom CandiottiSan Francisco Trollspitcher
11Warren SpahnSan Francisco Trollspitcher
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