Seattle Smashers

Seattle may never have held a lead in the E S B North Western Division during 2015.

That was no bother to the men of smash.  Come E S B Play-Off time, they got angry.  First they leaped past the Philly amphibians 3 games to 2.  Then the heavies from the Sound  tempered the Tempest, 3 to 1 game.  Finally, removing the Chicago mob men from contention, to take the Northern Conference pennant home to Seattle.

They then did a smashing job of forcing the eventual E S B Champion Memphis Blue Notes to a seven game title-series, including multiple extra-inning games .  Oh so close, the seventh and final game was theirs until the top of the ninth inning.  It was not to be.

The Seattle Smashers hold the #29 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Northern Conference Standings 2016

Northern Conference Standings 2015


Seattle Smashers Roster

1Andy MessersmithSeattle Smasherspitcher
2Bob KnepperSeattle Smasherspitcher
3Dan SchatzederSeattle Smasherspitcher
4Grant JacksonSeattle Smasherspitcher
5Greg SwindellSeattle Smasherspitcher
6Jeff TesreauSeattle Smasherspitcher
7Milt PappasSeattle Smasherspitcher
8Red RuffingSeattle Smasherspitcher
9Tom HenkeSeattle Smasherspitcher
10Tommy BondSeattle Smasherspitcher
11Tommy JohnSeattle Smasherspitcher
12Whit WyattSeattle Smasherspitcher
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