St. Louis Catfish

The barbelled fish from St. Louis couldn’t slip off the hook and had a mostly forgettable 76-86, 2015 season in full view of the Arch.

Ending their struggle 10 games behind the division winner, Indianapolis, and 1 thin win better than the men of Steel who were in last place.

The St. Louis Catfish hold the #7 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Southern Conference Standings 2016

Southern Conference Standings 2015

St. Louis Catfish Roster

1Al BentonSt. Louis Catfishpitcher
2Alejandro PenaSt. Louis Catfishpitcher
3Andy SeminickSt. Louis Catfishcatcher
4Bob RushSt. Louis Catfishpitcher
5Bob TewksburySt. Louis Catfishpitcher
6Bobby VeachSt. Louis Catfishcenter field
7Curt WalkerSt. Louis Catfishleft field
8Don NewcombeSt. Louis Catfishpitcher
9Dwight GoodenSt. Louis Catfishpitcher
10Frank SchulteSt. Louis Catfishright field
11Gary CarterSt. Louis Catfishcatcher, first base, right field
12Graig NettlesSt. Louis Catfishthird base
13Jack ClarkSt. Louis Catfishfirst base, left field
14Jack PfiesterSt. Louis Catfishpitcher
15Jimmy KeySt. Louis Catfishpitcher
16John WettelandSt. Louis Catfishpitcher
17Johnny AntonelliSt. Louis Catfishpitcher
18Julio FrancoSt. Louis Catfishfirst base, second base, shortstop
19Lee MaySt. Louis Catfishfirst base
20Mark EichhornSt. Louis Catfishpitcher
21Rogers HornsbySt. Louis Catfishsecond base
22Ron GantSt. Louis Catfishleft field, right field
23Stan HackSt. Louis Catfishthird base
24Tim SalmonSt. Louis Catfishright field
25Tully SparksSt. Louis Catfishpitcher
26Willie McCoveySt. Louis Catfishfirst base
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