Toronto Tempest

Toronto was never far from first in the North Central Division during the 2015 season. They survived an initial onslaught from Minneapolis. As well, a last moment push by the Cleveland squad. The 2015 Season ended with the Tempest finishing 7 games out of first, yet a full 5 games ahead of the third place Barges in the North Central Division. After emerging from a tight Quarter Final match-up with the Boston Anchors, 3 bettering 2, Toronto lost to the Northern Conference Finals to Seattle Smashers, not without a fight, 4 games to 2.

The Toronto Tempest currently hold the #13 overall draft pick in the upcoming E S B Reserve Draft.


Northern Conference Standings 2016

Northern Conference Standings 2015

Toronto Tempest Roster

1Bob BescherToronto Tempestleft field
2Britt BurnsToronto Tempestpitcher
3Burt HootonToronto Tempestpitcher
4Carl ReynoldsToronto Tempestleft field
5Dusty BakerToronto Tempestleft field, center field, right field
6Earl BatteyToronto Tempestcatcher
7Eddie FisherToronto Tempestpitcher
8Ernie BonhamToronto Tempestpitcher
9Ernie ShoreToronto Tempestpitcher
10Fred McGriffToronto Tempestfirst base
11Gary LavelleToronto Tempestpitcher
12Henry LarkinToronto Tempestfirst base, left field
13Jackie RobinsonToronto Tempestsecond base, third base, left field
14Jesse TannehillToronto Tempestpitcher
15Joaquin AndujarToronto Tempestpitcher
16Ken SandersToronto Tempestpitcher
17Lee ThomasToronto Tempestfirst base, left field
18Lou WhitakerToronto Tempestsecond base
19Maury WillsToronto Tempestshortstop
20Mike TiernanToronto Tempestright field
21Pete WardToronto Tempestfirst base, third base, right field
22Rico CartyToronto Tempestleft field, right field
23Steve RogersToronto Tempestpitcher
24Tony LazzeriToronto Tempestsecond base, shortstop
25Trevor HoffmanToronto Tempestpitcher
26Ty CobbToronto Tempestleft field, center field, right field
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