Washington Taxpayers

Experts would surely agree, Washington looked better on paper before the season started. Injury to half the starting rotation in May and July left them bleeding endless amounts of cash to land at 68-94 in the North Central Division basement, 22 games back. As consolation, they do get the number one pick for 2106.

The Washington Taxpayers currently hold the #1 overall draft pick in the 2016 E S B Reserve Draft.


Northern Conference Standings 2016

Northern Conference Standings 2015


Washington Taxpayers Roster

1Babe RuthWashington Taxpayersleft field, right field
2Ben McDonaldWashington Taxpayerspitcher
3Bill RobinsonWashington Taxpayersfirst base, third base, right field
4Bobby BondsWashington Taxpayersleft field
5Dennis EckersleyWashington Taxpayerspitcher
6Denny NeagleWashington Taxpayerspitcher
7Dick AllenWashington Taxpayersfirst base, second base, third base, shortstop, right field
8Eddie CicotteWashington Taxpayerspitcher
9Frank DemareeWashington Taxpayersleft field
10Garry MaddoxWashington Taxpayerscenter field
11Gavvy CravathWashington Taxpayersright field
12Gerry StaleyWashington Taxpayerspitcher
13John CandelariaWashington Taxpayerspitcher
14John TudorWashington Taxpayerspitcher
15Keith MorelandWashington Taxpayerscatcher, first base, third base, right field
16Ken KeltnerWashington Taxpayersthird base
17Kent TekulveWashington Taxpayerspitcher
18Larry GardnerWashington Taxpayerssecond base, third base
19Nap RuckerWashington Taxpayerspitcher
20Robin YountWashington Taxpayersshortstop, center field
21Ross YoungsWashington Taxpayersright field
22Russ FordWashington Taxpayerspitcher
23Sam LeeverWashington Taxpayerspitcher
24Wally BergerWashington Taxpayersleft field, center field
25Willie UpshawWashington Taxpayersfirst base
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